• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Logistics Of Touring With Two Passports

I’m lucky enough to have twin citizenship, as each of my mother and father were born in Germany, and I was born in the United States.

A reader emailed me a problem about the logistics of traveling with dual citizenship, and I figured it was well worth addressing in a article, presented that I think about she’s not the only one who has wondered about this.

A reader query about traveling with two passports

Reader Susannah questioned the adhering to question about touring among the US and Austria as a dual citizen:

“I’m a dual US-Austrian citizen. Normally when touring back and forth, I reserve my tickets on my American passport and enter/exit the two countries with it. With COVID entry limitations, this is now far more complicated (I have not flown considering the fact that COVID began thanks to overall health issues but now I’m absolutely vaccinated and setting up journey).

How do you advise to finest go about the passport logistics of a Dulles-Vienna roundtrip? Do I ebook the ticket with my Austrian passport? What comes about when I look at in at VIE for the return flight – will I be ready to check in with the Austrian passport if I’m an American citizen flying household? Do I have to have to present both passports at just about every phase? What’s the greatest way to go about this to prevent any issues with look at in brokers and/or border manage?”

Figuring out immigration limitations can be complex

How I determine which passport to use when touring

I’m likely to tackle this subject far more normally, not factoring in coronavirus, offered the extent to which coronavirus has impacted entry limitations.

When traveling, I frequently use my passport from Germany:

  • When I’m coming into Germany or any other European Union nation this allows me to stay away from having “stamped,” as I’m normally seeking to prevent filling up passport web pages
  • When I’m entering a country in which a German passport is useful when compared to a US passport for instance, some nations have reciprocity service fees or require visas for those people with US passports, but not for these with German passports

I use my passport from the United States in practically all other circumstances, which include:

  • When I’m coming into the United States, both equally due to the fact I have Worldwide Entry, and because entering with my German passport would have to have an electronic vacation authorization
  • When I’m moving into nations around the world below any other conditions, given that it is easier for me to get a second passport in the US than in Germany, if I operate out of internet pages

Furthermore, I generally attempt to use the exact passport when moving into a particular region, even if it is not the United States or European Union. For case in point, I once made use of two various passports to enter the very same country various months apart, and that acquired me sent to secondary, as it seemed to bring about some notify in the program.

I use my US & German passports in unique predicaments

A practical illustration of passport logistics

Permit me respond to Susannah’s dilemma by supplying an instance of my schedule when traveling among the US and Germany. There are a several standard items to preserve in intellect:

  • You always need to have to enter and exit a place with the same passport
  • Numerous countries have to have you to use your passport from that particular place if you are a citizen
  • There’s no disgrace in admitting you have two passports, if you get confused at any action in the system you could even proactively current the two passports just about every step of the way

With that in thoughts:

  • It doesn’t issue what passport details you enter into the itinerary when you e-book, if it’s even essential
  • When I look at in for my flight to Germany, I present my German passport, considering the fact that this is the data shared with German authorities, and establishes my eligibility to enter the country
  • When I land in Germany I use my German passport at immigration, which avoids me receiving a stamp (and will save area in my passport)
  • When I look at in for my flight back to the US, I give my US passport, considering that which is what will be shared with US authorities, and avoids me needing an digital journey authorization
  • Then when I go by means of departure immigration (which is a step that doesn’t exist on the outbound, considering that we really do not have that) I current my German passport, since it’s the passport with which I entered the country
  • Then when I land in the US I again present my US passport, because that is what I want to get by way of immigration, and also what has World wide Entry

I have definitely been absent-minded in the previous and accidentally showed the mistaken passport, no matter if at examine-in, immigration, or anywhere. Nevertheless, that has generally been immediately observed and corrected devoid of issue.

When traveling to Germany I use my German passport

Base line

I’m very fortuitous to have dual citizenship, as I have both equally a US and German passport. Hopefully the higher than sheds some gentle on how I come to a decision to use just about every passport, and also allows any individual who could be striving to figure out which passport to use when touring, especially with how difficult journey has develop into.

To everyone else who has passports from two distinctive nations, how do you make your mind up which to use when traveling?