• Tue. May 11th, 2021

The Whether Channel’s impending EP tells story of a skeleton

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For their newest EP, The No matter whether Channel proceeds the story of an regular skeleton, Skully, and his imaginary stick determine close friend, Ted.

Skully and Ted are the fictional people that the band’s hottest EP “Skully and Ted’s Bogus Journey” facilities all-around. The figures are impressed by the “Bill and Ted” flicks, a sequence of science fiction movies in which two young people time journey however they are not really intelligent.

In the prior EP “Skully and Ted’s Fantastic Experience,” the music is far more upbeat with tales about Skully — a 9-to-5 skeleton who is bored with his position — and Ted. The two characters go and take on the world by means of a variety of adventures that are specific in the audio. The skeleton is at the moment the band’s mascot.

Contrasting the tone of the final EP, the new launch will “be sonically darker, additional ambient, and the lyrics are extra brooding,” stated Andrew Garces, a Syracuse University senior and one particular of the band’s guitarists and singers.


“Skully and Ted’s Bogus Journey” will be released on Could 14 and has five songs. The band intends to portray the fluctuation of life with its ups-and-downs.

The EP is meant to remind individuals that they are not alone in difficult occasions, primarily all through the pandemic when men and women are needed to quarantine and observe social distancing. The band hopes to make the EP relatable, explained Rory Stanley, an SU senior and a singer and guitarist with the band.

These topics of lifestyle and depression are the concentration of the band. They are embodied in its identify — The Whether or not Channel.

“The which means behind “whether” is that lifetime is all about what ifs and whatnot,” Garces claimed. “And the selections you make outline you as a particular person and the paths you acquire. It seriously symbolizes what we converse a great deal about with topics of existence, despair and all that form of stuff.”

The band initial started with a group of buddies who are into the 2000s emo audio. Stanley, Garces and Max Marcy, an SU senior and the band’s bassist, arrived up with the thought of a band as a joke.

They established out to play an emo display collectively and prepared to quit later on. Nevertheless, just after their very first exhibit, they decided to continue the band and eventually added SU senior Jimmy Unanue on as their drummer.

Garces, Stanley and Marcy came up with the idea for the band as a joke. They meant to play one clearly show collectively and then give up. Chenze Chen | Staff members Photographer

“We were all in different teams executing distinct designs of songs, but we all just understood we like corny emo audio from the 2000s,” Marcy explained. “We’re gonna make that sort of songs, and we just begun undertaking it.”

Though describing themselves as an emo band, the band also takes influences from punk, rock and pop.

Unanue mentioned they largely participate in emo punk pop when also finding influences from progressive rock.

The band composes their songs to come to feel catchy and helpful to persons who are not acquainted with really hard rock. Stanley admitted that the time period “emo” can be scary to folks because they associate it with songs like metallic core, wherever there is a whole lot of screaming involved.

“We do have a whole lot of screaming all through our stuff, but we try out to make it in a way which is extremely digestible,” Stanley mentioned.

The Whether Channel

The band wrote and recorded their hottest EP in Stanley’s apartment. Chenze Chen | Employees Photographer

The forthcoming EP is the solution of the band’s cooperation during the pandemic. With some lyrics and melodies by Garces, the band users collected, edited and recorded the EP by winter season crack in Stanley’s condominium.

Garces’s preferred keep track of is “For deficiency of” for the reason that it was penned throughout a brainstorming session in Stanley’s dwelling place.

With the competencies and time spent for the duration of the pandemic generating new music, the band hopes to carry on their songs job with each other immediately after graduation.

“Our prepare is fundamentally to document remotely, preserve grinding the way we’ve been performing it,” Marcy said. “We’ve form of gotten fantastic at composing from a distance via pandemic, so nothing’s gonna end that now.”