• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Travel agent boss shares vital advice for holidaymakers after they were caught out by simple issue

The CEO of the Irish Travel Agents Association has urged holidaymakers to ensure that the name that’s on their passport is the exact same one that’s on their EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC).

Speaking with the Irish Mirror, Pat Dawson has said that he has already heard situations that have caused massive headaches for holidaymakers and doctors because the names on both vital documents don’t match.

“Make sure that your name on your DCC is the same name as on your passport.

“For example, I heard of a case with a friend of mine who is a doctor, he told me that he had a patient called Sean but he came back to him because his name is John on the passport.

“His doctor knew him as Sean and this applies to all those people who go by Pat (Patrick), Liz (Elizabeth), Maggie (Margaret) etc.

“Make sure that your DCC name is exactly the same name or your passport. And if it isn’t, please get it corrected because you will not be let travel if your two documents say Sean and John, etc.

“If there are two different names, you won’t be able to travel and even in good times, that mistake is made an awful lot.”

With international travel returning this week, thousands of holidaymakers said bon voyage as they headed off for some rest and relaxation in the sun.

However, Dawson also urged anyone that’s interested in booking a package deal to make sure it’s refundable, just in case the epidemiological situation takes a turn for the worse.

The travel agency boss also asked Irish holidaymakers to understand that the process of embarking on an international flight is going to be very different now and extra time needs to be allocated when people are in the airport.

“If you’re booking with a travel agency, make sure that they have up to date information because stuff changes and it’s an evolving thing with this variant.

“You really need all your facts and your paperwork in hand. Irish people are very much ‘last-minute people’ and they shouldn’t be like that. They should have everything organised because it’s a different experience with paperwork and then you’re going to have people with the wrong documents which could hold up the queue…and stuff like that.

“The advice is to expect two hours for European connections and three hours for US trips – although there are very few trips to the States now. Go to your airport early and be prepared. You need that extra time in case there are people who have wrong documentation or whatever. People could be in the queue and forget things, suddenly a small queue turns into a big queue. That’s the advice we’re giving people,” he said.