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Traveling to Amsterdam and going to the Moco Museum

ByNancy Wood

Nov 22, 2021
Traveling to Amsterdam and going to the Moco Museum
Traveling to Amsterdam and going to the Moco Museum

During the pandemic, I was not able to travel. Which really is a shame for since I really like to travel. I need to travel in order to recharge and clear my mind. But because of the restrictions many countries had, myself, like many other people, could not travel for a while. But luckily, that time is now somewhat over. While there still are some restrictions, most of us are able to travel again to a lot of different countries. When I decided to started traveling again, I was thinking of the places within Europe that I still wanted to visit. Amsterdam was one of the first city’s that popped into my head. I have never actually been to Amsterdam because it just did not feel like my type of city. But because recently, some friend of mine went to Amsterdam and had an amazing experience, I wanted to go as well. Whenever I go to a new city, I want to feel like a local. That means asking the locals on what to do. Today, I am telling you about what they came up with.

The Moco museum.

The locals suggested a couple of things that I should do. These things, within a few days, would give me a good sense of what it is like being a Dutchman in Amsterdam. During my stay, I avoided tourist-traps such as the Dam Square and the Rijksmuseum. Instead, I visited de Negen Straatjes and the Moco Museum. On the latter, I went full Dutch by using the kortingscode Moco Museum. In other words, I used a discount code. What could be more Dutch than that? In all honesty, the Moco Museum really is a perfect bland of contemporary and classic art.

You should also experience it yourself.

It does not matter if you are a student visiting Amsterdam for its nightlife, or like me, visiting Amsterdam to dig up some culture, the Moco Museum really is perfect for any visitor. You can experience famous works from Basquiat, Emin, KAWS, and many more. The Moco Musuem also has exhibitions that make brilliant use of lighting, mirrors, and special effect, so can not only see the art, but you can also experience it. Take a bike tour from Dam Square to the Moco Museum and you will truly feel what it is like being Dutch.