• Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Where Was ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ Filmed?

I was in Greece myself at this same time—in Athens and on Crete. And it was brutal, over 100 degrees every day and the sky cast brown with smoke from the fires.

And you can kind of see it on the actors here and there. You could tell they’re getting a little stressed with the heat. I’m sure that was torture for them. But there were also some lovely days. And it is just so incredible to be there, looking out on the Mediterranean. In fact, I think it’s one of my favorite places in the world. Love that place. Unfortunately, my job doesn’t keep me in the beautiful places. It’s more about staying ahead of the company and making sure they’ve got sets to shoot when they catch up.

To clarify—the Aman does not enjoy quite as close proximity to the beach as it may appear in the film. Where is this beach on which you shot?

In the film, Miles’s villa is meant to be right on the water, just about. The Amanzoe villa does have a beach club, which they’ll drive you to, but it’s a little ways away. We shot here, with the yacht pulling up to the shore and all of that. One of the pools is down that way as well. It’s only about four-and-a-half kilometers away from the villa. 

Henwick, Hudson, and Monae poolside at Amanzoe

John Wilson/Netflix 

Did you get to enjoy any leisure time?

I did, in the week and a half to two weeks during the filming, and during a couple visits before that as well. I got to stay at the villa, which was so special, and pretend I was working while I was just having a really fabulous time hanging out. We got to travel around these different areas with olive trees and beaches and eat the fish and the horiatiki. There was a yacht that we rented during the filming that they take to the island in the film, so we briefly got to use that. It was not for vacation purposes but it’s always lovely being out on the water on a fabulous yacht.

We were also not too far from the island of Spetses, where we did shoot as well. When they all arrive in Greece and are waiting for the yacht, that’s Spetses. I did return there with my family. We rented a boat and went all the way around the island to these beautiful coves and beaches—and you can make the entire trip within a day. Lots of diving and snorkeling and fabulous food, and it’s making me really miss it right now talking about it.